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Production: Japan / Germany

In the luxury rim segment, there are almost no Bentley glasses. Bentley eyewear collections have been developed in close collaboration with the Bentley Design team, which reflects clear parallels of the main décor elements, the so-called “Bentley DNA”, which no longer look like simple branded accessories. Precious design elements, as in the Bentley car itself, are skillfully handcrafted from precious materials - pure gold, platinum, titanium, horns and wood. Bentley sunglasses use the best lenses from Zeiss.

Touch of luxury

Bentley Motors was founded by Walter Owen Bentley. In 1919, he presented his first engine under the brand Bentley on New Street Muse in London for the first time. From this humble start, the company began to rapidly gain momentum, especially with a series of popularly welcomed cars and a number of racing triumphs in the 1920s, thereby proving its outstanding superiority. The laurels of winners were obtained in five unconditional victories at Le Mans from 1924 to 1930, the sixth victory was won in 2003.

These victories personify the spirit and bravery of the racing pedigree of the company. Of course, power remains the foundation of the Bentley spirit, which is reflected in the unique experience that every Bentley car driver feels from a state of complete relaxation to absolute delight. The great tourist heritage of Bentley is an equally important distinguishing feature of the brand. Today, this legacy is maintained and celebrated in the luxurious Bentley limousine - Mulsanne. The main elements of Grand Touring are custom-made craftsmanship, top quality and highest sophisticated comfort - perhaps the most widely embodied in the Bentley State Car (or Queen's Car), developed in 2002 in honor of the golden jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This car subsequently participated in many public events, including on the wedding day of Prince William.

So what makes Bentley cars so recognizable? Dual front headlights, a special grille and high suspension line, combined with fine leather and interior elements of precious wood. All this determines the characteristic design features of Bentley. Each car is still handcrafted in Crewe, England, by experienced craftsmen who share a common, unsurpassed passion and pride in their work.

Ultimately, Walter Owen’s clear and simple mission to support the breadth of Bentley’s global automotive excellence in creating a “good, fast, best-in-class car” continues to this day. Today, Bentley Motors is still committed to developing and producing the most desirable high-performance cars in the world.


Since 1919, Bentley produces one of the most beautiful and insightful cars in the world. Today, the partnership between Bentley Motors and Estede Austria draws on Estede's extensive experience in creating the world's best-made, bespoke hand-made glasses.

The close collaboration between Estede and Bentley’s own design team has led to the creation of an extraordinary collection of limited edition sunglasses and medical frames. Here, skillful craftsmanship is creatively combined with the sophisticated design language of the famous British car brand, creating a timeless modern style.

The key elements of the style and design of famous cars are the stylized letter “B”, covered with a unique enamel coating, powerful sculptural lines and power lines, as well as small details resembling jewelry. Modern technology combined with a unique surface treatment, mixed with rare and precious materials, especially raise the level of Bentley points above all others. 18 carat gold, silver, titanium, palladium, buffalo horn, wood and leather are key components of these sunglasses, medical frames and cases.

Only the best ZEISS lenses are worthy of being used in Bentley sunglasses, offering full UV protection, the latest technology and modern coatings.

Creativity, Innovation, Skillful Application ...

These are the distinctive features of Bentley glasses.

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