Luxury Eyewear

MAYBACH has been and remains a synonym for technical excellence and excellence in luxury since 1886. True to this direction, MAYBACH set the highest standards and work in accordance with the philosophy that aims in all areas of activity to develop the best products, overcoming the limits of the possible. High-quality materials are manually turned into luxury products with compelling appeal. There is no room for compromise for such perfection.

According to Wilhelm Maybach, a talented designer and founder of the brand, you always need to “create the best of the best.”

True to this intention, MAYBACH has set the highest standards and works in accordance with a philosophy that is aimed at producing perfect products. Products are made by hand from the best materials, which gives them an undeniable appeal. This perfection does not allow for compromises. The brand is focused on customer requirements - "individuality for the individual," which is a key criterion for MAYBACH.

MAYBACH has always symbolized luxury in motion. Therefore, it was logical to accept the new challenge and apply many years of experience with luxury materials in new areas. Handmade craftsmanship has long become a tradition of the Company.

Skilled craftsmen with accumulated skills are welcome at MAYBACH, where high technology optimizes and complements these crafts.

MAYBACH values

MAYBACH products are the choice of those who have the capacity to realize their desires and ideas. The quality and attractiveness of Icons of Luxury speak for themselves and at the same time show that their owner is a connoisseur of beauty.

Customers appreciate the fact that the MAYBACH range is growing and developing. The offered products are diverse, the range is updated and expanded, always satisfying the requirements for quality and luxury. Constantly growing range of opportunities.

In particular, MAYBACH luxury goods meet the needs and tastes of customers. In determining the target group MAYBACH no matter where a person comes from or where he wants to go. The priority is the question of HOW ... The highest demands on luxury, dynamics, beauty and quality are the point of contact between the brand and the customer.

MAYBACH glasses

There are things that will always delight us. Because they are rare, because they are beautiful or because they give us more than we demand from them.

Individuality, perfection, or simply the realization that you own something unique. MAYBACH has more than eighty years to produce exceptional items of luxury.

Only a few products can be named MAYBACH.

MAYBACH glasses are one of them.

Each model from the MAYBACH Eyewear collection is distinguished by unique design, high quality materials and the most demanding manual processing.

Its owner has a sense of individuality and luxury. Because individuality means the desire for something unusual. The ability to possess it is a luxury.

Luxury Eyewear

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