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We are representatives of world-famous optical brands. Therefore, we try to provide the highest quality service for our partners, which include:

Qualified support

The Personal Manager is always available during business hours by telephone and email. Our partners can always get any information of interest to them.

Sales tools

We provide advertising materials for window dressing, as well as sales tools in the form of brochures, catalogs and additional materials for the design of partner websites.

Access to the ordering system

We provide our partners, upon request, access to the online office, where they can place an order on their own, without the need to dictate by phone or enter positions manually by mail.

Departure of the expert

In particular, we focus on the " live " communication It is always better to see new collections and hear the latest seminars. Our experts are always happy to arrange a meeting.


We try to respond as quickly as possible to orders and take care of all costs associated with the delivery of goods. Our courier service delivers carefully and on time orders of our partners.

Outdoor Advertising and Events

In order to promote our brands, we are ready to provide the necessary assistance in creating outdoor advertising in the form of billboards and holding an event with the participation of our managers.

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Why choose us

We are a company with a long history and rich work experience. During the existence of the company, we managed to establish good relations with more than 300 partners throughout Russia.

The principle of our work is a quality service aimed at joint growth. Our managers are ready to cooperate with partners who want to offer their dear customers the highest quality goods.

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